Our Believe

Dhulagori Gram Unnayan Parsad has taken up various plans and programes on women, children and rural development in the area of P.S.- Sankrail, Amta I & II, J.B.Pur & Panchla in Howrah, West Bengal. Dhulagori Gram Unnayan Parsad was established in 1988 on 14th of April which, as well know, is also the birthday of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, who apart from being the father of the Indian Constitution, was also a devoted social worker for the homeless and destitute people.
We have worked tirelessly all the year round to enhance the development work in the villages as because most of the rural population livesbelow the pverty line. The women and children of the backward communities have also been target groups as they have long been neglected both by their families as well as the society. The organization has submitted some big and small budget projects to various funding agencies, including government departments.